Acting Up Theatre is a safe place for families to play. Come by, check out our new and exciting website, and feel free to get involved! We'd love to see you!


Acting Up Theatre, Inc. is a safe place for families to play! Our theatre family seeks to instill the love of the performing arts back into the hearts of young and old. "All the worlds a stage..."


Our theatre seeks to teach the art of stagecraft and inspire new and old performers and techies through hands on experience. Whether you prefer to be on the or off the stage, every member of Acting Up has the opportunity to try their hand at various parts of stagecraft. Do you like sewing or makeup? Or are you into construction or lighting? Acting Up is the place for you!


Our goal at Acting Up is to give our members, young and old, the hands on experience they need to be able to successfully put on a full scale production. Through our Summer, spring, and fall productions, we give every member the experience they need to continue making theatre magic long after they've left our nest!

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Two young gentlemen living in 1890's England have taken to bending the truth in order to put some excitement into their lives. Jack Worthing has invented a brother, Earnest, who he uses as an excuse to leave his dull country life behind to visit the ravishing Gwendolen. Algernon (Algy) Moncrieff decides to take the name 'Earnest' when visiting Worthing's young and beautiful ward Cecily at the country manor. Cecily is much taken with him and with his name, so on Jack's return home - and Gwendolen's unexpected arrival - it becomes clear there are both too many and too few Earnests earnestly courting. ~Jeremy Perkins and Scorpiessa

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"Acting Up Theatre has given me opportunities that no other theatre can. They have made my dreams a reality".

Rachel Greene Stephens, Resident Composer and Actress

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Acting Up Theatre,Inc. is a non-profit family theatre. We believe that it is important to have a place where families can play together on stage and back stage.

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